Social Media Marketing

Social Business Outsourcing

Should your business be on social media?

If you agrees to the below points, yours should be to achieve your business objectives

  • Internet & social media users are increasing leading to more online purchases, online leads/prospects and enquiries
  • Customers are going online for content to make an informed  purchase decision
  • Developing online & social media influence is key to influence your customers before purchase/acquisition
  • Social Media provides an opportunity to build relationship with prospective customers even before  entering you business premises

Business Objectives

Revenue/ Sales

Generate Sales/Revenue through your social channels/website and make them your active revenue stream

Reduce Marketing Costs

Reduce your current marketing costs thereby improving your profit as many of our clients

Advertisement Value Generation

With an expert Social Business Strategy, you can leverage the real power of social media thereby generating Free Advertisement for your company. Imagine of a Newspaper which allows you Free Ads. Just like that

Customer Relationship building & Loyalty

Social Media gives you the opportunity to build relationships with your customers, even before they enter your business premises/process. Be fresh in the mind of your existing customers as well

Customer Review & Customer Feedback

Influence other customers with experiences of other customer. Social Media Word of Mouth is the Best way to do that in the long term for your business


Evoke the right emotions in your customers/prospects and build your brand by knowing how many people see and interact with your brand, accurately

Customer Service

Transform your Social Channels as your Social Front office . Answer queries, support customers and deliver a superior customer experience

Campaigns & Audience Building

Build your target customer base as your social audience and deliver various sales, marketing and product launch campaigns with ease

Why you should choose us !!

Low Cost

Lower cost than hiring a full time highly skilled social media employee

Highly Skilled Social Media Team

Build your highly skilled Social Media Team within hours by partnering with us. 

Better Return on Investment

Lower your marketing costs and improve your revenue acquisition base with more clients/customers

strategy development

Achieve Multiple Objectives

Targeted Advertisements

We will segment and target your ideal customer base

Generate Leads/Prospects

We will generate customer leads/prospects from the targeted adverts

Client Acqusition

Your sales team can convert these leads into revenue as per your marketing strategy.


We can still target those customers who showed an interest and still didnt buy from you due to various reasons

No hidden Charges. During Free Trail, you only pay for Facebook Ads/Any other Ads Directly to Facebook or service provider from your account within the set budget limits. You have full control on the payments. We do not charge any consulting Fee during the trial period.

Its as safe as houses !!! You only give partial access to your channels and you will always be the Admin of your social channels. Even during FREE trail we provide you with the scope of our operations, so as to ensure your peace of mind !!

Check with us how you can Lower your Costs, Generate more leads/Revenue & Improve the Quality of Operations.

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