SOCIAL MEDIA -Pros and Cons

Social media nowadays has a remarkable influence in the society.Social media has become a vital part of the routine of the generation. Social media has paved the way for people to interact with others in the easiest way.It has helped them to get into the new ways of communication.Social media influenced greatly each human by its modern inventions day by day.The eagerness of people to get to know what is happening around them had energised them to be active on these social platforms.Anyone around the world who has a better network connectivity could use it well.One could keep in touch with others who are far away from them. Social media has created revolutionary changes in the life patterns of people.Like every other thing, it also has some drawbacks too.To use anything in its own way is a better idea. Learning, interaction, mass awareness are the major advantages of social media.Each and every age groups could get through the available knowledge they could access.The widely accepted use of social media is to get interacted with your distant friends and colleagues.By the frequent and wide acceptance of internet today it made the human kind to be updated each and every moment.

So the awareness among the people to get updated is increasing day by day.Hampering others privacy, cyber-bullying, deteriorated productivity and addiction are the major drawbacks of social media.The privacy of people nowadays in the social media is decreasing which makes them more concerned.Cyber-Bullying may trap people to terrorist groups, false claims by emails and cyber crimes are on the rise.Today people are spending their most productive and efficient time by using these social media.This act severely deteriorates their efficiency.The most adversely affected negative of social media is the addiction.It very badly affects the future generation leading to many health problems such as insomnia, mental stress and so on. So better to use social media only for needs and not for misusing it.

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